The Power Of Technology From Atos Lens

Umar Shaikh, CEO, Atos in India

Umar Shaikh, CEO, Atos in India

Today, the pandemic has granted us with no choice but to adapt to the new normal of the digital way of working and a future of contactless living. While a variety of industries responded to this differently, the telcos industry did far better. This industry made ready itself faster for a contactless workspace. And presently with voice and data conversion already mounting at a good pace, smartphones being a lot more common product, the data price has reduced (a little extra cost at the dilation) considerably, when compared to the past few years. The telcos industry is providing a meaningful way of living a digital life through reliable, consistent high-speed connectivity, in addition to good quality end-user devices of mobile phones or any other for that matter. Data from the digital adoption across different industries in India suggest that telcos are one of the leading digital adopters, where 50 percent of the adoption happened, if not more.

Living and Working Conglomeration with Cloud and 5G Technology

The trend of living and working indicates that cloud computing is the mainstream technology, and it is one of the few technologies where we had evolved like any other industry. The technical aspects being that how secure and flexible cloud technology is in terms of capacity, utility, and adoption of it according to its dynamic allocation. The non-technical aspects link us to think about the fear of unknown apprehensions about our data which is not present in our living radar. The technical demands will get fulfilled by public cloud organizations or hybrid cloud providers. The non-technical aspect will be solved by people upgrading themselves to think that cloud technology is the way, simultaneously when some companies keeping sensitive data close according to the regulation or confidential norms. They may still have some on-premise storage or hosting, by going vast, the cloud is the way forward and we cannot deny it.

If cloud storage has a partner who is able to completely work in tandem according to business requisites, with their time to market is faster, then the cloud storage and cloud orchestration are managed.

This said, the 5G technology is going in parallel to the cloud development. Digital adoption has redefined living with the entertainment world, where people are watching television in high-definition on 4K mode.

What does it mean? It means that the data pipe is becoming thicker and thicker, and the cost of data is decreasing. So, there is a demand that is being generated in terms of content and there is a compatibility that is being created. Does it mean that we are going to stay happy on 4g? The answer is no. Then it means that we will have to gradually upgrade ourselves to the next level, which is 5g. However, 5g has its own application. For example, telemedicine in remote consulting in a healthcare scenario, when the detailing work is a lot higher and larger, a lot larger bandwidth is required. It is only possible with 5G technology. It is a possibility that the enterprise requirement of 5G will be a lot more than the consumer requirement of 5G.

There is a majority of people who have disconnected their satellite television connections. They have moved completely to the OTT platform. From my lookouts, I’m aware of such people, who are totally relying on OTT or an internet-based subscription for broadcast shows. Televisions becoming internet savvy, especially the OTT platform fosters a fast internet connection.

Based on that, telcos come into the play for network upgradation and delegating endurances about bandwidth, so that consumers can have seamless lag-free viewing. And that has again, boosted the media companies for the production of more content on the cloud. All of these are interconnected, and these are fundamentally operating on an IT infrastructure, or a managed IT service.

Recently, there has been a realization about how cybersecurity works amidst pandemic. Like when collaborative solutions are talked about, we are talking about the cloud solution – about its infrastructure which is provided by high-performance computing. In this case, the cybersecurity of great quality is essential. When an efficient cybersecurity space is realized, technologies such as IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, whatever is integrated within an organization, under one umbrella, the confidence level boosts up, and the strength for commanding goes up.

At Atos…

At Atos we are providing solutions to an Indian-customer base. The solutions include cybersecurity (on IP infrastructure), collaboration solutions, high-performance computing, and hardware solutions. Atos is famous for almost all the services – whether it is a technical service desk or data center solutions with networking.

The list is never-ending as we are supporting a multilingual framework, where not only in English but in different multilingual languages customers can find support. It includes some of the foreign languages also. We are facilitating bespoke application support, which is where the IP is conducted by the task. We are the creator of the software, and we are providing the same software application implementation development management. Other solutions around our applications for business are CRM solution, analytics solution, IOT solution, automation, and ERP solution. These are the impeccable solutions we are providing to our customers, which is almost close to 20,000 retail fuel stations. Presently, we are serving 15,000 plus verticals.

On the global part, our trust has evolved over a period of time, as we acquired that from companies we provided services to. It has helped in becoming what we are today. When India is concerned, we are 33-yearold enterprise operating in India. In this duration, we also have been a part of many tasks, permissions, and acquisitions. We operate at different model levels, but our primary model is being a global delivery center, where we serve our customers from India. In our time period in India, we have extended our services to native locals, who have blessed us with accurate services.

Consultation on Cloud Computing is a very important vertical where you will find Atos imprints. As the Indian market maturity is in regards to acceleration of clouds (I would say that we are at mid to high right now), we mostly help a new enterprise in its cloud transformation journey – from inception till the time you go business as usual scenario.

In the beginning, the latest prediction of GDP was minus 23 odd percent, which reduced to a minus 7.5 percent value. While there has been an improvement, it’s still a negative growth. The positivity of an economy like India is its ability to hold to a situation and bounce back at the earliest. But due to the pandemic, all that has gone to hibernation, with regular businesses being halt due to lockdown at different stages. Once things started becoming normal, in my own language it is BAU (business as usual) with caution. It is the stage where we are in right now.

I will also not be surprised if we post a highly positive GDP growth for our country in the near future.