EdCast: The Netflix of Learning and Knowledge

CIO Vendor Following the disruption brought about by digitization, there has been a constant shift of knowledge and skill needs in the workplace. Digital transformation and cloud LMS implementations have created a pressing need for evolving business practices and more ability to leverage modern digital capabilities. Thus, businesses should help employees master continual and deep-reaching change processes in an organization. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, EdCast is meeting these goals by delivering an AI-powered knowledge cloud for unified discovery, personalized learning and sales enablement. The solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps businesses increase productivity with personalized learning experiences and contextual insights.

While identifying the digital skills gap, companies look to address this need with continuous and collaborative learning across the organization. EdCast provides a centralized resource that is mobile-first for users to have easy access to valuable content. The solution has been designed to enable seamless micro-learning with intuitive resources, including SmartCards, Pathways, and Channels. By allowing valuable content and insights to be shared, discussed and added to Pathways and Channels, the platform increases collaboration in groups, departments and organizations.

"EdCast identifies Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within organizations and provides the means for users to connect and interact with them to facilitate a better way of sharing informal knowledge", asserts Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO, EdCast. Moreover, the AI-powered content curation addresses the content discovery complexities created by the overwhelming quantities of information that are readily available but often not relevant.
AI and ML Powered Learning
Learning & Development plays a critical part in enabling continuous learning, but must also foster partnerships with the right teams across the enterprise, including IT, HR, and Operations. EdCast provides its industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts to both Global 2000 companies and public-sector organizations in delivering the best Knowledge Cloud solutions, personalized learning and insights, and micro-learning.In doing so,EdCast always focuses on measurement and analytics, to ensure it delivers tangible, measurable results for its client organizations. EdCast's existing solution portfolio includes the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and GuideMe, a multi-language in app guide creator and content authoring tool.

EdCast provides a centralized resource that is mobile-first for users to have easy access to valuable content

A great example as to how EdCast is helping enterprises is the company's work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. With HPE, EdCast has been the catalyst to enable the digital transformation and acceleration of personalized learning. The solution for HPE integrated the power of search, content curation, and access to subject matter experts and social learning for the company's teams across the globe. Another example, EdCast's partnership with SDSN Association has allowed the group to develop knowledge solutions that provide critical information and courses to be accessed online and via mobile platforms in an engaging manner around the world.

EdCast’s executive team has a track record of building large-scale transformational technology solutions, and they are passionate about the global impact of mobile and online knowledge-sharing. With such goals in place, EdCast looks forward to continuing to redefine the knowledge and learning industry for organizations around the world.