Gleecus TechLabs : Ensuring Smooth Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor Operational flexibility, optimized customer experience, ecosystems powered by better data insights, development of new resources and innovation are key drivers of the adoption of the digital transformation trend. In a bid to stay relevant in the market, almost every organization, mostly relatively new businesses and startups, are embarking on the digital transformation initiative. While these organizations have made significant progress on this journey, the speed of change has not been fast enough for businesses that have been in the market for years. Lack of change management capabilities, legacy systems and relevant skills are the key hurdles encountered. These businesses are on the lookout for a solution provider with a consultative approach towards helping achieve digital transformation while most importantly maintaining continuity of the workforce in a better and efficient manner.

Perfectly poised to meet these expectations is Gleecus TechLabs, based out of US and India, with a consultative solutioning approach while delivering development solutions, product modernization and user experience services from a digital native standpoint. “We try and create an atmosphere of instant approach for modernization of companies which are basically legacy companies,” says Suprit Patra, Co-founder of Gleecus TechLabs.

Providing a Portfolio of Cutting-edge Services
Some of the key service verticals that Gleecus offers its clients are Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Server Side Development with SOA and Microservices, Cloud Deployment and Orchestration- AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean and User Experience Design. The company employs a strategic approach while assisting its customers to
achieve most of its developed products. Once the client is onboard, the team of skilled professionals commence with an effective idea conceptualization and market-research. The team then proceeds to conducting a gap-analysis and bridging the gap between consumer and enterprise mobility through the consumerization of enterprise mobility. Finally, the team performs road-mapping and LEAN Product Management that oversees the management of the full product lifecycle. “The first thing that we do is we understand what kind of IT processes systems the client is currently using. We then try and come up with solutions which will make their internal efficiencies better and get them prepared for the future transformation that they are going to do,” informs Suprit. He believes that any digital transformation solution provider should have multi-technology experience and multi-industry experience to bring the best of worlds to one particular industry, which is what Gleecus possesses.

We try and create an atmosphere of Digital Modernization for companies which are trying to be Digital Natives.

Another core offering by Gleecus is its Managed Product Labs, a proprietary framework, which is an extension of the ODC (Offshore Development centre) concept. Suprit elaborates, “It is a little bit of an extension of the ODC concept where we create a dedicated product team for our customers. So, it works with a set of fixed resources, skill sets and technologies, along with the experience that we as a company bring from multi-customer and multicultural approaches.”

Having made significant progress in this sector, the company is currently trying to set up a whole solution team in the US for its US customers as well as in Vienna, which is going to be a base for its European customers.