Accel Information Technology: Providing Best Digital Transformation Solutions & Enterprise Architectures

CIO Vendor Digital transformation is the current buzz of the industry. It is the application of digital capabilities to processes, products and assets to enhance efficiency, increase customer value, manage risk and navigate through new revenue generation opportunities. Accel IT is an Indian origin company, but it gains most of its business from GCC and UAE. Digital transformation has globally taken over all industries the pandemic gave an extra push to it.

This is because innovative methods of processes was formed, managing risk and security was necessary and controlling new processes of end users became more important than ever before. This thus opened up new opportunities and revenues and Accel IT is rightly positioned in the segment.

Educating Customers & Gaining Trust
Accel has been focussed in educating the customers and this has been the key to win multiple projects in the competitive and agile markets. The Digital transformation is the process emphasising in either creating new or modifying the existing - business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements using IT technologies.
Accel is currently well placed in this segment and has long term Government contracts for their Digital Transformation projects. Multiple MOU have been signed with Government departments of UAE. It is also taking the channel partner approach in other GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman and have a healthy pipeline.

Data Centre-Consulting was Accel's division running from 10+ years where the roles of the company starts from plan, design, build and support. A rich 20+ year of experience gives it an added advantage for gaining trust from its existing customers.

Accel is currently well placed in this segment and has long term Government contracts for their Digital Transformation projects

Accel is the only MSP in GCC giving services on end point management, vulnerability management and compliance management such as PCI, HiPPA, ISO, and more. It has a in house certified Lead auditor and certified Lead Implementor of ISO27001. It provides this tool to its customers as a product in the auditing projects, based on their requirements. Accel helps organizations become cyber hygienic, by automating security & endpoint management, reducing complexity and improving efficiency.

As a future roadmap, Accel has business coming up from other Divisions of IoT and Robotic Process Automation apart from our regular IT infrastructure and Software development. It further plans expansion in Australia and Africa while already having initiated the process. It stands proud over the achievements it has made so far. For its clients, Accel sends out a message ­ "Talk to us for your digital transformation journey and we assure you that this will be one of the best decisions taken".