Maveric Systems: Leading the Digital Transformation in Banking

CIO Vendor Digital transformation is on the rise and the market for digital transformation across the globe is believed to increase rapidly in the upcoming months and years. India is ripe for the digital transformation wave and COVID-19 has heavily accelerated the widespread use of digital technologies, with corner shops accepting digital payments to online learning models achieving newer heights to increased Amazon deliveries. This wide-spread digital transformation is radically changing business operating models, incorporating greater organizational agility to exceed customer experience. New age technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Cloud and AI have become a vogue and their incredible use cases are enabling businesses to innovate further.

“Every business entrepreneur is in the digital battlefield today. New technology investments yielding superior customer experience, revenue maximisation, cost containment and operational efficiency, will grasp its firm place among top priorities for effective digital transformation,” says Kishan Sundar, Senior Vice President, Maveric Systems.

In digital transformation, Maveric Systems has positioned itself as a solution-led banking technology trans-formation partner where through inherent domain strengths, integration of future-ready strategies and high velocity execution, it is aiding global fintech and banking biggies with result-driven outcomes. In Maveric's arsenal, the digital transformation solution mastery and expertise covers the entire banking value chain of both retail and corporate banking along with wealth management.

Its impact-led delivery approach is supported by proven global delivery capabilities, transformation experience, customer-oriented engagement model, staunch commitments and rigorous governance.
With clients spanning across Europe, UK and Middle-East, Maveric gets digital transformation journeys alive through its wide array of service competencies in the fields of data, digital, core banking and quality engineering. As a banking transformation boutique, Maveric achieves this through:
· Data technology services for data migration, data for digital, data for compliance, managed data lakes, managed data pipelines, analytics including visual and advanced analytics, data governance, and more
· Digital development and support for Micro services and API, Mobile Applications, Cloud-Native Applications, CRM, Dev Ops, SRE
· Core banking offerings include analysis, implementation, development, L3 solutions, upgrade and support as a certified Temenos partner
· Quality Engineering of Web, API, Mobile, banking product-specific testing, functional and non-functional testing, embraced with intelligent automation.

The magic of Maveric's digital lab is a culmination of innovative capabilities, sandbox environment, approaches, frameworks, accelerators and proven tools, pushing it to be an anchor for banks who are ready to start on their digital transformation journey. This also includes partnering with top notch technology providers for new-age technologies like artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, cloud, and RPA.

“At Maveric, we treat every transformation journey as a unique experience. This clear demarcation allows us to recommend the right technology, solution and proficiency needed for accelerating digital transformation. The most telling difference between Maveric and other players in the field is its incisive focus on the banking industry,” Kishan adds.

In these 21 years of exclusively catering to the banking industry, Maveric has supported 65+ digital transformations. Our clients feature among the Top 10 world banks, Top 50 world's biggest banks including regional banking giants and well-recognized fintechs.

Maveric aspires to triple its revenues by 2025 along with being in the Top-3, as a niche Bank-Tech transformation specialist. Other aspirations include continually improving and innovating its delivery capacities, people capabilities and gaining leadership in the areas of Customer Experience, Regulatory Compliance, Digital Operations, Customer Analytics and Cloud Enablement. All of these priorities are part of Maveric's 4.0 outlook.