CloudAngles: Helping Enterprises Succeed in Their Digital Transformation Journey

CIO Vendor In today’s digital economy, organizations depend on the effective use of technology not just to support ongoing business processes, but to drive new sources of competitive differentiation. Cloud is the foundation for this new agile business world and the platform for enabling agile application development. Cloud-based infrastructures are key to delivering flexible, ondemand access to the resources underpinning these new digital business offerings. Enterprises that help clients in adopting the cloud easily will facilitate them in bringing new capabilities to market more quickly, innovate more easily and scale more efficiently, while also reducing technology risk.

One such company that is helping enterprises to succeed in their digital transformation journey by offering NextGen Cloud solutions is CloudAngles. CloudAngles aims to cover the many stages of the cloud-adoption journey that many customers find themselves in, which include from the stage of just figuring out that cloud needs to be a strategy to those in advanced stages who realize the need for a new direction with the acceleration the recent events have forced on them. The company offers Systems Servitization services, Data Foundation services, Digital Infrastructure services and FinSecOps services.

Vast Experience & Deep Knowledge of the Evolution of Digital Space
CloudAngles’ inception itself has been all about positioning for the NxtGen cloud that has been accelerated by the pandemic in unexpected ways. CloudAngles brings a wealth of expertise that helps in providing a unique perspective in the digital transformation journey of clients. With immense experience and deep knowledge of the evolution of the digital space over the last 25 years, CloudAngles has seen and stridden through many transformational technologies and worked to enable many organizations to succeed in each transformation.
“All organizations offering IT services today seek to offer digital transformation as their new portfolio of services. We feel that many are hindered – even if they are not aware of it, with legacy mindset imbibed into an organization that, even if certain individuals transform into true NxtGen experts are dulled”, explains Kannan Rajaram, Managing Director & Head – India Operations, CloudAngles. “Our services offer to seek to transform organizations irrespective of their position in the cycle of transformation. Combined with our technocrat mindset, an iron-clad view of what technologies and what path is optimal comes to us naturally and this is what we believe we bring to our customers”, he adds.

Team of Technocrats
“We are Innovative Integrators to our customers and can think many moves ahead for them”, affirms Kannan. CloudAngles has an experienced team of Practice heads who along with the founder are technocrats. Each of them is an early adopter of technology and has awareness of application challenges in the industry as well. This combination makes the outlook rare and helps the company see many angles, often unique ones.

We seek to transform Organizations irrespective of their position in the cycle of transformation with our services

The Road Ahead
“We are already in US, India and will be soon adding Australia, Singapore, and UAE to our physical locations. However, with the accelerating digitization of businesses, we see this as no constraint and believe we are a global company – delivering to customers anywhere”, says Kannan.

“With our Digital Workspace services, whose core is the company we merged with, we have some of the large banks as our customers, a world-class, SaaS workspace product, that at a fraction of the cost of equivalent products, provides amazing Digitization of workspaces in the SMB and Enterprise segments. We are growing rapidly and increasing our employee strength of 50+ already to 100+ and expect Rs. 50+ crore in global revenues by end of 2022”, he concludes.